Scott 2032

Starting Monday, the City of Scott is asking for your input on how you would like the city to grow. The project is called “Scott 2032” and it is a chance for you to make your voice heard.  To voice your opinion, you can attend the public input sessions starting today through next Monday October 17th at Scott City Hall from 7AM to 8PM.




Scott 2032

Once local city is making sure residents and businesses have a say in how the city is developed over the next twenty years. The City of Scott is mapping out its future for the next 20 years ensuring the stability of its city.

The plan is called Scott 2032 and it allows residents and businesses to have a hand in how Scott is developed 20 years from now.  No idea is too small. Whether you're a resident who wants a tree put on your street, or better sidewalks somewhere, or even more parks for your children. It's all possible to have you voice be heard and actually mapped out on paper so you can visualize it. This will also help entice more businesses to come into the area knowing there are plans to bring more to the area

“I think it's a very good idea and we do have space and great leaders who can accomplish it” says Scott resident Virginia Pomier.

This plan is being funded by a $237,000 grant, and cost nothing to the residents of Scott. If you are a resident of Scott and would like to have your voice heard you can by going to the public meeting at Scott City Hall October 10th through the 17th.

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