Ville Platte House Fire

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The damage done to a house and and cars in a Ville Platte house fire was severe but it could have been fatal had it not been for two women who alerted the people inside to the danger. Krystle Wilson says it was close to midnight when her and a friend passed the house and saw flames coming from the carport area of the home. She says that's when she made a U-turn and began knocking on windows and doors trying to wake up the family inside who were asleep at the time.

Wilson says her main focus was getting the family out as quickly as possible. “We noticed that all the vehicles was home and so we know somebody was in the house and she knocked on the side door then she went around to the front door that's when they came running out” she said.

Wilson says the residents do consider her and her friend to be heroines but she says she was just trying to help.

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