Broussard Annexation

The Broussard City Council has won the latest round of competition in the land grab game with its larger competitor, the city of Lafayette.  At its last meeting the Broussard Council voted to annex the Hernandez Heights Subdivision. Mayor Charles Langlinais said they are just waiting for the parish assessor to certify the vote.   This is the same sub-division Lafayette Consolidated Government was planning to annex.  

But the city of Broussard got it done first and Mayor Langlinais says his city really had a better claim to it anyway.

“Hernandez Heights is kind of on the West, Northwest side of Broussard. It's really right on the side of a big subdivision, which is developed and unincorporated in Broussard 10 to 12 years ago…   So it's really a natural extension of our corporate limits” says Mayor Langlinais.

 Also annexed was Marteau Road, Moulin Road, Maurice Shannon and Roland Viator Roads.

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