Kaplan Arson Investigation

Kaplan Police are teaming up with other law enforcement officials to find clues to who is behind a number of suspicious fires. Out of nearly a dozen fires last year, police are focusing on five incidents they believe were arson. Around 15 investigators were assigned to areas near the sites where these fires occurred. Police say a lot of times, witnesses don't volunteer information. Part of the puzzle includes a property that was torched back in September only to be set on fire again just two weeks ago.

“A lot of times when we're doing an investigation, a witness won't come forth unless we go talk to them. If we ask questions, they will answer” says Kaplan Fire Chief Boyd Adams.   

Kaplan authorities are hoping going door-to-door will help give them a lead in these cases.

“I think this is someone's enjoyment. I don't think it's personal. I think it's someone with mental problems” says Chief

“Police are hoping neighborhood sweeps will bring some answers and closure to this community.

Caroline Balchunas

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Kaplan Arson

After seven suspicious fires in the past two months in Kaplan local and state authorities are on the lookout for a possible arsonist.

The latest fire happened Tuesday night at a used tire shop and video store near First Street and Irving Avenue.  Officials say this fire marks the seventh fire to be classified as suspicious since September. Officials say this is the first suspicious fire involving a business and they're urging residents to keep a watchful eye around town. The owners say the fire burned for quite a while, and they say they had recently removed over 300 tires from the shop otherwise the blaze could have been much worse.

For more click the video link

Julian Johnson

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