Fighting Cyber Bullying

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Cyber bullying is a growing issue in our schools today, so what is being done to help stop the problem?

Well, Acadiana High School, the Scott Police, and the State Police are all taking a proactive approach to handle cyber bullying. They have all teamed up to educate students on the matter.

Cyber bullying is the root cause of most fights at school and can be deadly is not addressed right away. So by educating the students now authorities hope to stop it and create a peaceful environment for all. So just how much fighting is the result of cyber bullying? Well according to Amy Comeaux, a teacher at AHS, cyber bullying is resulting in fighting there, but exactly by how much she is not sure. But knows it's a problem that needs to end now. The presentation on cyber bullying will hopefully put an end or at least ease cyber bullying in our schools.

Rob Mallia

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