Highway 167 Construction

Ongoing construction has been a headache for drivers along Highway 167.  And since it's the only roadway drivers can take going to and from Lafayette to Abbeville, it's an unavoidable headache.  

Many drivers have experienced cracked windshields from flying rock and gravel.  But it's also caused some major wear and tear on cars having to drive over uneven and completely stripped roads.   The 3.9 million dollar construction project started in September 2010, and there's not much immediate relief in sight either.  The department of transportation says the Mississippi river flooding earlier this year, pushed its completion back.

“Because of the flooding, it actually delayed some of the materials that we needed. But we are aggressively working with the contractor to make sure it's completed by spring 2012” DOTD Public Information Officer Deidra Lockhart.

After this project is completed next year, they will immediately start constructing a DJ turn at the intersection of 167 and LA 699.  

Caroline Balchunas


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