Vermilion Aqua Dams

Three Acadiana schools are getting more protection against flooding following a vote from the Vermilion Parish School Board. The school board voted to enter into a contract with Gulf Coast Aqua Dams. The company provides water inflated flood control barriers. Erath High and middle schools, along with East Broussard Elementary all opted to lease the aqua dams.

The school board will have a non binding lease for the aqua dams for five years. Erath High school will pay just over $83,000 for the first year lease. The second through the 5th year they will pay $65,000 but no matter the cost it's something the principal of Earth Middle School hopes will get them back in the classroom sooner after a storm.

“I hope it allows us to be back after a storm fast” says Principal Lynn Moss.

If the Aqua dams are needed, they could be set up within a day or two.

 Rob Mallia 

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