Cold Weather Preps

It certainly is very chilly outside and we're all used to hearing the saying, “pets, plants, and pipes” this time of year. Well, it really is important to prepare your household early so you can really enjoy the season.

It's that time of year when you can actually see your breath and smell firewood in every neighborhood. But, it's also a time to be mindful of pets, plants, and pipes as temperatures drop. The Lowe's in Lafayette has been busy this week, helping customers get prepared. Lowe's assistant store manager Ed Hebert said there's been an influx of customers. “We got a lot of people coming in for weatherization and pipe insulation to stop the freezing,” Hebert said. Frozen water pipes are a major concern, but are easily preventable with insulation. We turned to TV 10's weather expert and Chief meteorologist, David Paul, for advice. “28 degrees or below can start bursting pipes that are outdoors or exposed pipes,” Paul said. “Anything in the 20s or below is bad for pipes bursting.”

Cold snaps can unexpectedly kill plants so it's important to remember to blanket and keep them warm as well. And remember, even though pets have fur coats, it's smart to either bring them inside or prepare a warm spot for them outdoors. Hebert said Lowe's has one solution. “We have clamp lights we can use and put heat bulbs in them for their kennels or whatever so they're protected at night,” Hebert said.

Paul also had a tip for pets. “Consider where they are outdoors,” said Paul. “Find them a place away from the wind because just being out of it can really make a difference.”

Once you check pets, plants, and pipes off your list, then you can focus on the fun. One hot selling item is keeping people from staying indoors this winter. “Fire pits and stuff like that people are buying firewood for,” Hebert said. “(They're) trying to stay outdoors, enjoying the cool weather, but staying comfortable.”

Caroline Balchunas

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