The Most Cajun Place on Earth

The people of Vermilion Parish feel they're the heart and soul of Cajun country. And they're hoping tourists will 'Laissez les bons temps rouler' like the Cajuns do.

“Trying to get people to come back and realize that we are open for business, you can still eat our seafood. You can still have a great time.” said Tourist Commission Executive Director Alison Miller.

The tourist commission is using $500,000 of BP compensation money to grab people's attention.

The parish like many in the state has struggled after the oil spill and are hoping there slogan “The Most Cajun Place on Earth” will catch on.

Radio, TV and billboards will soon run across southern states urging people to come experience the lifestyle.

“Everyone knows us for our food, but there's also plenty of interesting festivals. And of course, we celebrate anything, shrimp, duck, cattle, day lilies.” said Miller.

And there are many reasons why people living here really feel it is the most Cajun place on earth.

“God's country. Good food, good people, you couldn't ask for anything better.” said Abbeville resident Daniel Rogers.

“Boudin, cracklins, crawfish, BBQ crab, that's a new thing but it's very good.” said Abbeville resident Sherry Guidry.

And food is definitely a major draw for the area but some say it's a lifestyle to experience.

“It's a simple way of life. it's a rule country way and it's a big contrast to what you find in New Orleans and bigger cities in Louisiana.” said owner of Shucks David Betrand.

Whatever the reason the amped up Spring campaign aims to bring outsiders a glimpse of Cajun country.

“The best phrase to describe Cajun life is 'Joie de vivre' meaning the joy of living, that's the best way to describe it.” said Betrand.

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