Name the Cajundome

The Cajundome will change its name this month for the five days during Mardi Gras. For the past ten years, officials at the Cajundome have found interesting and unique ways to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Acadiana. This year, they will auction off naming rights to the building on eBay starting this Saturday running until February 14th. The highest bidder will have the name of their choice hung over the Cajundome sign marquee during Mardi Gras holiday. This idea has been done before in Boston Massachusetts where they raised a lot of money for the city.

The Fleet Center in Boston Massachusetts actually was nameless for a month. They then auctioned off the name and it raised $150,000. Officials don't expect to make that kind of money but do hope to raise all the money they can for their cause. Bidding will start at $500 this Saturday and run till the 14th.

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