It's small, it fits easily in pockets and it's the latest medical tool cardiologists are using.

Heart disease cases are rising all over the country, but this device helps quickly detect problems.

The next time you go to the cardiologist, you may a new instrument. It's called a V-scan and it's the latest device heart doctors are using, including doctors at the University Medical Center.

Dr. Mark Stellingworth is a cardiologist at UMC and said, “As an educational institution it's like, it's a no-brainer for us because it allows us to coordinate our exam findings with the stuff that we see on the echo. “)

Using new technology like the V-scan is easier and more portable than using more traditional ultrasound machines. Ultrasound machines are large and bulky and require extra steps to set up. So, the V-scan is especially helpful in emergency situations.

Cardiology technician, Lindsay Guilbau agrees the device is helpful for doctors. She said, “A doctor is able to get his V-scan and quickly find the function of the patients heart rather than lug this large machine up into the patients room and plug it in.”

Dr. Stellingworth said it provides a good look at how the heart is functioning and it takes all of 30 seconds. “Well fundamentally it's about portability and having this at the bedside can make rapid decision making much more efficient,” he said.

For regular patient exams…it's a tool that provides an accurate picture of what's going on internally.

Guilbau said the device is helpful for a variety of things. She said, “(It's) just to see the function of the heart and possibly any fluid.”

But this device will not over-run traditional tools doctors use, it's just another way to give the patient the best care possible. Dr. Stellingworth said, “It's not going to replace our current stethoscopes, it's a complimentary modality really.”

But it's definitely a tool for the future of cardiology.

-Caroline Balchunas

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