Louis J. Michot 1922 -2012

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Funeral services will be held Friday for a prominent Acadiana Businessman WWII veteran, public servant and Broadcaster.

Louis Joseph Michot, Junior died Wednesday at a Lafayette hospital. Michot served as an anti-aircraft gunner in the marines in WWII two, then returned to Acadiana to build a number of business ventures, including the Burger Chef franchises.  He began his political career in 1959 when he was elected to the Louisiana Legislature, and went on to serve as Louisiana's Superintendent of Education and was among the founders of LAGCOE, and what is now Louisiana Public Broadcasting. 

Visitation will be held Thursday from 10AM. to 8PM. at Delhomme Funeral Home on Bertrand Drive. Funeral services are set for three Friday afternoon at Sacred Heart Church in Broussard.

Louis Michot was 89 years old.

For more info about Louis Michot's amazing life read his Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_J._Michot


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