93 Unclaimed Bodies Get Funerals

Dozens of bodies at the Lafayette Parish Coroner's office remain unclaimed, but not for long.  One woman has taken it upon herself to give them a proper funeral.

It started out as a phone call to the coroner's office inquiring about a friend who had recently passed away. What Kimberly Boudreaux found out next surprised her.

“I learned that he had gone unclaimed for over six months so I began asking other questions and what happened when they go unclaimed.”

Her friend along with 92 others had gone unclaimed, were cremated, placed in urns and sat on a shelf in the morgue. Some have been there for almost 20 years.

That's when she inquired about claiming all the bodies and giving them a proper burial. The process has taken two years but the deceased will finally will be laid to rest at Saint John's Cathedral where a tomb is being erected.

“I think it's important we bury them in our community. That we value and respect them” says Boudreaux.

The funeral will be April 28th at 10AM and is open to the public.

Rob Mallia

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