Federal Agent Attacked in Television Theft

On Monday, March 26, 2012 at approximately 2255 hours the Broussard Police Department was dispatched to 123 St. Nazairre (Wal-Mart) in reference to theft in progress.  It was later learned through the investigation that an attempted homicide of a police officer occurred in the parking lot as the suspect tried to flee.

Upon the officers' arrival they met with the victim, an off duty Federal Task Force Agent, who tried to intervene in a theft-in-progress, which resulted in a suspect wielding a knife threatening to kill anybody who tried to stop him.  The suspect, Deramous Noel 21 years of age from Lafayette, ran out of the store with a big screen television.  Two Wal-Mart employees chased after Noel and told him to stop.  He then produced a large knife and threatened to kill them and anyone else who approach him.  The agent was in the parking lot and witnessed the assault.  He identified himself as a police officer and drew his firearm.  Noel entered into a vehicle and tried to run the agent over before fleeing the scene.

The suspect was arrested on Friday March 30th at his mother's residence in Scott and booked at LPCC for One Count of Attempted Murder, Two Counts of Aggravated Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, and One Count of Theft over $600.

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