SNARR Needs Your Help to Build New Sanctuary

An Acadiana animal rescue group that is the last hope of animals with nowhere else to go, is in need of your help. It's called SNARR, or Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation.

SNARR volunteers take in the dogs that no one else wants, with serious medical conditions, blind and deaf dogs, severely emaciated, disturbed or abused dogs, bait dogs used in pit bull fights, and nurse them back to health.

A nine acre property in Acadia Parish is slated to be the new home of the SNARR sanctuary.

SNARR volunteers are asking for help from anyone in Acadiana who can donate manpower or equipment, such as bulldozers or other land clearing equipment, to get the property ready for the construction of the new facility.

Menard says your help will mean new life for animals that have been turned away, everywhere else. If you'd like to help animals like who are desperate to survive, please consider donating your time or resources to SNARR.

If you'd like to help make the new SNARR facility a reality, you can contact robin and her fellow volunteers in several ways. 

  Log on to their website at, check out their Facebook page at, or send an e-mail to

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