CODOFIL Budget Cuts

The state budget strips $100,000 from the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana, better known as CODOFIL.

Since the governors decision, State representatives Stephen Ortego, Jack Montoucet, and Vincent Pierre have been rallying together hoping to send a strong message to Governor Jindal, that this is not right.

The program recruits and trains teachers for French immersion and that helps preserve French culture in Acadiana. The cuts may leave the program looking for private funding, and could lead to job losses. 

State Representative Stephen Ortego questions why the Governor couldn't find one hundred thousand dollars when he has given millions away to other associations. Ortego says the governor has given 4.5 million dollars to the Hornets, and gave away a 10 million dollar facility.

But he couldn't find money that is a fraction of that, to help preserve our culture. CODOFIL Executive Director Jospeh Dunn says the program will go on, they will just look for ways to bridge the budget gap.

If you would like to donate money to CODOFIL's program you can by writing a check out to:  La Fondation Louisiane, located at 735 Jefferson street, Lafayette la 70501.

Rob Malia

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