3 “Must Do’s” for every pet owner

How to Protect Your Dog Now

3 things you can do now to make a search for a missing dog easier from www.dogchannel.com

Losing a dog is a difficult, frustrating, and emotional time. There are, however, several things you can do before a pet goes missing, that will make searching and ultimately finding your lost loved one easier and more efficient.  

Keep current info on your dog's collar.
Collars and identification tags are the biggest help in ensuring a lost dog finds his owner again. Be sure to keep a collar on your dog that has a current rabies tag, pet license tag, and your most current phone number. Having an up-to-date collar will greatly increase your chances of being reunited, should your dog ever go missing.

Take great pictures.
Remembering to take pictures of your dog will also prove useful in the event that your dog goes missing. While most proud pet owners regularly photograph their favorite four-legged friends, it is important to know what pictures will be most useful. Be sure to take photos that show off your dog entirely, not just his face, and that will make him look unique and unmistakable on a flier. 

Make sure your pet is microchipped.
Because collars and ID tags can be pulled off or come loose when your dog is missing, it is important to use some sort of permanent identification. Microchip implants provide a permanent and reliable means of identifying lost pets. Most shelters and rescue societies scan pets as soon as they find them to check for any I.D. implants. Ask your veterinarian for more information about this useful and painless procedure. 

In the event that your dog goes missing, check out our Lost Dog Flier Tips

A NOTE FROM BLUE: Here in Acadiana, if your dog or cat is missing, post it on Blue's Facebook page, KLFY Blue Rolfes.  You can also post the info on another Facebook page, Lost and Found Pets in Acadiana.

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