Keiosha Felix Search Continues

Weeks ago, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office took the lead in the Keiosha Felix case. But it's been a slow investigation.  Captain Kip Judice says the pertinent information just isn't coming through.

“We do believe, we continue to believe someone out there has credible information and can help us resolve this issue pretty quickly if they just call in that one big tip,” said Judice.

But that doesn't mean tips aren't coming through. A $5,000 reward has been in place for weeks, to try and get the ball rolling. The only thing Judice can say at this point is they do believe they found some form of communication with Keiosha, and that's a main thing they're following up on right now.

“Without jeopardizing the integrity of the investigation and progress they're making, we certainly don't want to speak to exactly what that was,” said Judice.

But Tammy Charles, who has been the lead volunteer in the “Find Keiosha Felix” efforts, says it's been tough to keep strong without new information. But she's still planning a fundraiser, to help raise the reward in the hopes someone will step forward and lead them to Keiosha.

“It's going to be a fundraising event, a family event, to raise awareness and keep this effort going and contribute to rewards as well,” said Charles.

And although turn out to many of the past events has not been as much as she'd hoped, she says the people that do show up make it all worth it.

“It gives you the courage to keep fighting because someone's got to fight for this kid, you know,” said Charles. “We can't just let it slip away. She's out there somewhere.”

-Caroline Balchunas



Keiosha Felix  Case Update

Leon Wilkerson has been released without bail and all charges against him relating to Felix have been dropped. 

News 10 was in court Thursday morning for Wilkerson's hearing.

He was charged with kidnapping and rape of Felix.

Wednesday Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department told us that deputies are investigating a possible communication from the missing 15 year old. He says they think she is alive at this time but are still working to find her.

But, Judice admits detectives have no way of knowing if Felix is still in the Acadiana area or not. Judice says it's also possible Felix does not want to be found and that one or more individuals may be helping her stay off the grid.

With that in mind, detectives are asking for the publics' help in identifying this man.  He's not a suspect.

But officials believe he might know something important about the Felix case.  Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.






Keiosha Felix  Case Update (9/12/12)

We have new information involving the search for Keiosha Felix.  Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office tells News 10 Detectives believe Keiosha has been in communication with certain individuals.

Judice says detectives feel confident the 15 year old is alive, but they admit they don't know if she is still in the Acadiana area or not.

Judice says it's possible Felix doesn't want to be found and that one or more individuals are helping her stay off the grid.

Judice also says detectives are convinced there are people out there who know more about the girl's disappearance than they are saying and they hope those individuals will come forward.

Detectives are also asking for the public's help in identifying the man in the security images below. He's not a suspect, but officials' belief he might know something important about the Felix case.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 232-TIPS.

Keiosha Felix  Case Update (9/11/12)

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help identifying the person pictured in these photos, he is believed to be male with a brown skin tone 5'7″ to 5'9″ tall stocky build wearing white tee-shirt and a rosary type cross hanging to the mid-chest area.  This person may have information which can be helpful in the Keiosha Felix investigation. This person is not a suspect or in this case.



Keiosha Felix  Case Update (9/10/12)

The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office confirms it is taking charge of the Keiosha Felix Case. The sheriff's office also released this new image of Felix.

The Duson teen was last seen April 30th. Duson Police declared she was missing and endangered in July. Duson Police previously handled the case, along with the FBI.

The FBI recently created a $5,000 reward fund.




$5,000 Reward Offered in Felix Case

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the safe return of Keiosha Marie Felix.

Keiosha was last seen and reported missing from a residence in Duson, Louisiana on or about April 30, 2012. Keiosha is a 15-year-old, Black, Female approximately 5'0″ in height and weighing approximately 120 lbs. She is known to frequent the Veazey area of Lafayette, Louisiana.

This is a joint investigation by the FBI, New Orleans Division, Lafayette Resident Agency, the Louisiana State Police, the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department and the Duson Police Department. Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact the FBI New Orleans Division, Lafayette Resident Agency during normal business hours at (337) 233-2164 or after hours at (504) 816-3000.

Click here to print out the poster and help with the search efforts.

Assistant Chief Placed on Leave

We have an update on the investigation involving the disappearance of Keiosha Felix. 
Duson Police Chief Frank Andrew tells TV10 his Assistant Chief, Gerald Credeur, has been removed from the case for what Chief Andrew calls sub-standard police work.  Andrew says Credeur is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

In the meantime police are still not providing any information about the girl's disappearance and have made no public requests for assistance in locating the girl since going public with the case in July. Felix hasn't been seen since April 30th but up until late July she was thought to have been a run away.  If anyone in law enforcement has any idea where she is, or what's happened to her they aren't saying.



Leon Wilkerson Transferred

A man arrested in connection to Felix's disappearance is now in the Lafayette Parish Jail. Leon Wilkerson was booked into the jail on Monday. He spent the past several weeks in jail in east Baton Rouge.

He's now awaiting a court date. Wilkerson is charged with second degree kidnapping and simple rape. He's one of four suspects arrested so far.

But he's the only one who hasn't bonded out.  Felix went missing on April 30th.

Find out how you can be part of local search efforts on

 Donations Accepted for Felix Reward

Efforts to find 15-year-old Keiosha Felix are gaining steam. Family members are teaming up with a former Shunick search volunteer.

Keiosha Felix was last seen April 30th. Duson Police say she's missing and endangered. Family members say they're worried her story is not getting noticed.

Former Shunick Search Volunteer Tammy Charles is heading new efforts. They're accepting donations for reward money.

They've created an account with the Community Foundation of Acadiana.  Make a donation online by visiting .

Keiosha Felix Case Update (8/16/12)

On April 30th, 15 year old Keiosha Felix went missing from a family's home in Duson. Now Duson Police and the FBI are searching for her. So far their investigation has led to four arrests.

The Brothers Ronald and Leon Wilkerson, Keiosha's Paternal Aunt Patricia Andrus, and her Cousin Portia Felix. 

Charges against the four range from obstruction of justice to simple kidnapping and simple rape. 

TV10's Caroline Balchunas spoke with one of Keiosha's family members, and a woman with ties to Mickey Shunick's case Tuesday.

To watch the interviews, click the video above.   

Keiosha Felix Case Update (8/7/12)

Duson Police Chief Frank Andrew tells TV10 the search is still on for 15 year old Keiosha Felix, even though four arrests have been made in connection with her disappearance.

TV10 Spoke to Chief Andrew Tuesday afternoon for the latest on the investigation. Chief Andrew said at this time, he believes Felix is still alive, but he says, conflicting statements from some family members are hindering search efforts, and the chief says there are very few leads for investigators to go on.

As we've reported, Ronald Wilkerson of Jackson Louisiana was arrested Monday in a Baton Rouge motel on a fugitive warrant from the Duson Police Department.

The 40 year old was transported to the Lafayette Parish jail where he was charged with simple kidnapping.

Wilkerson is the fourth person to be arrested so far in connection with this mysterious case. The other three charged include Keiosha's paternal aunt, 40 year old Patricia Andrus, her cousin 20 year old Portia Felix, and her aunt's boyfriend, Leon Wilkerson.

Charges range from obstruction of justice, to 2nd degree kidnapping and simple rape. Last month, Keiosha's status was changed from runaway to missing.

When she went missing on April 30th, the chief said family members told authorities she was a runaway. Now, nearly four months later, those same family members are charged in her disappearance.


Keiosha Felix Case Update (7/27/12)

It's been almost three months since 15 year old Keiosha Felix went missing.  On Monday Duson Police upped her status from endangered runaway to missing.

This week police arrested three people in connection with the disappearance of Keiosha. Her aunt, Patricia Andrus, and her cousin, Portia Felix, were taken into custody on Wednesday.

Forty Three year old Leon Wilkerson Junior, who is connected to one of Keiosha's family members, was also arrested and charged with 2nd degree kidnapping and simple rape.


Three Arrests Made in Keiosha Felix Case

Keiosha Felix was last seen on April 30th.

Tuesday night Zachary Police arrested Leon Wilkerson Jr. without incident. He's charged with 2nd degree kidnapping and simple rape.

Police also arrested two more people Wednesday night. Keiosha's aunt, Patricia Andrus and her cousin, Portia Felix have also been arrested.

Patricia Andrus was arrested and charged with Improper Supervision of a minor and simple rape.

Portia Felix was arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Zachary police said Keiosha was not with Wilkerson when he was arrested. According to family members Wilkerson does have a connection with Keiosha through family members

Authorities initially believed that Felix was a runaway after some family members told them Felix ran away from an aunt's house where she staying.

But detectives changed her status to missing following an investigation into her disappearance. At a news conference Monday, police chief frank Andrew announced the 15 year old, along with her infant child could be in danger, and upgraded her status to endangered runaway.

But family members have been worried since her disappearance on four months ago. In that time period, there's been no activity on Keiosha's Facebook page or cell phone. With the arrest family members are still focused on finding Keiosha.

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