Lavergne Pleads Not Guilty

Brandon Scott Lavergne entered a plea of not guilty Friday.

Lavergne is facing two murder charges, one for Mickey Shunick and the other for the 1999 murder of Lisa Pate.  Lavergne made an appearance inside a Lafayette Parish courtroom Friday Morning. Judge Herman Clause read the charges; one count each of first degree murder. Lavergne then calmly entered his plea and said; “not guilty”.

Two separate court rooms were used for the arraignment. Lavergne was arraigned in a courtroom inside the parish jail. Next door in the parish courthouse video of the hearing was being shown in real time.

A representative for the Shunick's says the family is not surprised by Lavergne's plea of not guilty.

“It is what it is.  We all kind of expected it.  It's something that's going to prolong the process.  But, I think regardless of what he said we're getting closer to answers and that's all we care about” said Josh Cohen.

An October 9th deadline is scheduled for both sides to file motions regarding the trial a status hearing will be held on those motions. Then after that we're expecting that the judge will set the trial date.  One attorney requested 60 days to file motions. However, the judge gave more time and set the October deadline which is about 90 days.

Rene Allen

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