Cool Cat Products

Cool Cat Products

It's a high-tech world and cat-lovers want to keep up with the coolest cat products. Here are a few we've found! Juergen Perthold was so curious about what his cat, Mr. Lee, was up to he invented a cat camera to go along with him. Perthold built a cat cam designed to take a photo every three minutes and attached it to Mr. Lee's collar. The fascinating results are well documented on his Cat cam web site, which explains exactly how he did it. Even better, he'll show you how you can buy or make your own cat cam to see into your cat's world. Other cool cat products help you unravel some of your cat's mysteries – like what is my kitty really feeling? Is she trying to tell me something? Your cat's tail will tell you a lot, but these cat gadgets could tell you even more!


Let's say you have a cat who is a bit moody. You never know if your advances to cuddle will be met with a purr or that look of disdain. Well, the Purfect Mood Detector is a gadget that may give you a better idea of her frame of mind. It glows red when your cat is happy, letting you know it's okay to pick her up. When it's not, you may want to back off!

Another handy cat gadget to help you know how kitty is feeling is the Pain Gauge. If your cat seems to be less than her charming self, you can use it to help find out why. Place the gadget on any non-fur area of her body, which, on a cat would be the nose, paw pads or…well those are the only areas you'd care to place it! It will give you a reading from 0 (no pain, no stress, just chillin') up to 9.9 (miserable). Since it doesn't distinguish pain from stress, you'll have to decide whether you should take your cat to a veterinarian, or simply remove the large barking dog from the room.

Some cat products offer some extra safety and freedom. If your cat likes to come and go at all hours, why not let her have her own cat door? And a key? The Infrared Locking Cat door opens with a collar key, which transmits an infrared signal. The cat door opens for your kitty only (not for her furry friends or enemies outside). Thus, your cat can flee indoors to safety when being chased, or venture outside whenever the mood hits her.

A carrier is a pretty standard cat product – but really, can't it be a little more comfy? To help make transporting your cat less traumatic (for both of you), you can help make sure kitty travels at her preferred temperature. The Komfort Pets climate-controlled carrier keeps your cat as warm or cool as she pleases.

And finally, for the busy cat owner, there's the Pet Master, a hand-held electronic gadget that lets you keep track of kitty's world. It stores vet appointments, stores her health history, phone numbers of cat sitters, and is loaded with all kinds of useful cat info.

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