Cool Dog Products


Cool Dog Products

High tech dog products are making pet ownership easier and more interesting all the time. And, we're making life a little safer and more comfortable for our best friends!

If your dog has a really active social life – lots of play dates, training, veterinarian appointments, travel plans, you could keep track of everything on the Pet Master, a hand-held electronic social calendar and more. Pet Master stores all your important doggie phone numbers, such as the pet sitter, groomer, veterinarian, masseuse, and keeps track of appointments and meds. It's also full of useful pet info, such as dog-friendly hotels and attractions, emergency clinics in any city, and other info.

Another convenient high tech option for storing your dog's info is the PetSafe Micro I.D. Rescue Collar that stores all your pet's info on a USB flash memory card. In the event your dog is lost, he can be identified and have any special needs met until he is safely returned to you.

While you're out being social with your dog, especially if he's in training to be polite in public, take along the Portable BarkSTOP™. A push of a button stops barking and other antisocial behavior, like jumping on strangers, using an ultrasonic sound only dogs can hear.

We all wish we knew what our dogs were thinking or trying to tell us. We can know a lot from their Dog Language and their Wagging Tails, but one device could tell you more. The Pain Gauge measures your dog's level of pain and stress. Just place it gently on a non-fur area, such as nose, paw pads or under an earflap and you'll get a reading from 0 (no worries) to 9.9 (the worst). It can't tell you where it hurts or why he's stressed, but you will know when something is definitely not right in his world, so you can try to remedy it.

Then there are those things that just make life a little cushier for your dog. The Komfort Pets climate-controlled carrier keeps your best friend warm in the winter and chilled in the summer. According to the manufacturer, this item has made the A List in Hollywood. Pet-loving celebrities are “wowed” by it.

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