Youngsville School Funding

Voters in Lafayette Parish turned down a property tax that would have funded the school boards master plan.  That plan outlined what improvements were needed at each school in the parish and how much it would cost to fix them. 

Several of the schools on that priority list were the three schools located in Youngsville. But, residents there overwhelmingly voted against the tax that would have funded new or improved schools. 

All three schools in Youngsville are overcrowded and students are working out of portable classrooms like the ones you see here behind me. But is this an issue that could have been fixed?”

Depending on who you talk to, the issue of overcrowding might not have been a long lived problem had a property tax passed that would have funded new schools.

“They want the capacity but they don't want to pay for it” Says School Board Member Mark Babineaux.

According to Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator, there may be a very good reason why so many residents in Youngsville didn't support the property tax.

“I think a large number of people voted against it because they see no money has been spent in our area even though we have the highest amount of people moving here.”

Mayor Viator is hopeful the school board will make the right decisions with the money they do have and that, in turn, could change voters' minds if another property tax were proposed.

“I'm hopeful they will spend the 30 million dollars the right way…that will show the voters they can do right with it and that will give them the right to ask them for something.” 

The mayor is hopeful that the school board will find funds to either build new schools or improve the ones they have.

Rob Mallia

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