New Car Construction and Rescues

Automobiles have come a long way. They are lighter, have better fuel efficiency and have more technology. But can all of that technology harm you more than it can help you?

Captain Todd Bourgeois with the Lafayette Fire Department says its more time intense, because once a responder arrives on the scene of an accident, they must first see what kind of car is involved.

 There are certain areas that cannot be cut even using the jaws of life, because a wrong cut could mean more time spent getting  a victim out of a vehicle. Cutting into a cable in a hybrid car could charge the jaws of life and electrocute the responder.  While keyless ignitions make finding your keys a thing of the past, it makes it difficult for a responder to know if the vehicle is on or off and cutting into propellent tanks of air bags that did not inflate could cause an explosion. With such risks, one has to wonder, does technology help or hurt?

Clifton Roy Jr., a sales consultant at Giles Nissan said he believes technology placed inside of vehicles, gives a better opportunity to save the person. He also believes there are challenges but those are easily crossed over by simply learning more about the products and technological advances that have been made in vehicles.

Bourgeois says his team regularly receives training to make sure they know the ins and outs of newer model vehicles in order to keep themselves and victims safe.

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