Alligator Overpopulation in Henderson

Alligator overpopulation has caused problems for Henderson, but more tags could possibly be a good fix. Mayor Sherbin Collette said the problem comes from farm raised gators having their eggs harvested and then brought to the Indian Bayou Reserve, where there has never been an alligator season.

The gators began to cross over into Bayou Amy, which passes through Henderson. Fisherman were losing their catches in their hoop nets to the gators. When the problem got out of hand, Collette contacted Senator David Vitter, who was able to secure more tags and a contract hunter for 2012.

Vitter said “I pushed and pushed for the US Army Corps of Engineers to release more tags so we won't have this problem in the area for fisherman.”

Collette says he isn't sure how many tags they will get but he hopes it's enough to thin out the gator population. In a press release Vitter mentioned that the Corps will likely include their Indian Bayou lands in the state's lottery hunt during 2013 hunting season.

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