Erath Aqua Dams

Three Vermilion Parish schools are using water to protect themselves if a hurricane were to hit the area. E. Broussard elementary school in Forked Island, Erath Middle and Erath High Schools all leased their own Aqua Dam. A rubber tubing that is filled with thousands of gallons of water and secured to the ground.

These dams would then be set up around the building protecting it from storm surges caused by hurricanes. With tropical storm Isaac's path remaining uncertain, the Vermilion Parish School Board decided today would be the perfect day to test a portion of the aqua dam.

According to Erath Middle School Principal, Lynn Moss, the demonstration was done so volunteers who would fill the Aqua Dams would be prepped on what to do if and when they need to set up the dams.

The Aqua Dam was leased by the school board for five years and will be used if tropical storm Isaac makes it to Acadiana next week.

Rob Mallia 

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