Vermilion Parish Drug Arrests

The Vermilion / Municipal Narcotics Task force recently made two arrests for drug related crimes, while recovering a stolen handgun in the process.

After receiving information that illegal drug activity may have been being conducted near a local business establishment, the Task Force traveled out to the area in question to investigate. Upon arriving in the area, a vehicle was seen fitting the description given to the agents.

Agents further noticed that the windows were so dark on the vehicle that it was difficult to see inside of the car, therefore the agents attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle began to flee, driving in an unsafe manner and after failing to negotiate a turn, wrecked the said vehicle.

Agents approached the vehicle at this time, and upon doing so noticed the driver, Stephen Brailey (dob 3-19-94) of Abbeville, attempt to discard several rocks of suspected crack cocaine. A further search of the vehicle was initiated and agents were able to seize suspected marijuana, and a hand gun which was reported stolen out of Lafayette.

Passenger Ethan Dozier (dob 4-17-93) of Abbeville was also taken into custody after a full search of the vehicle was conducted.

Brailey, and Dozier were both arrested and charged with possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, possession of a stolen firearm, and possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance.

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