Iberia Parish Master Plan

Recently Lafayette parish showcased it's brand new master plan for how the city will look in the next 20 years. Now another parish is in the midst of planning their own future growth.

Wednesday, the engineering firm hired by the Iberia parish government gave their suggestions how the parish should develop.

The starting point is economic development which paves the way for infrastructure growth.

“We've got a lot of really good things going on in the parish and I think this plan will add to that,” says Mike Tarantino, President and CEO of the Iberia parish Industrial Development Foundation.

Tarantino is on the master plan committee and says much work has been completed on a plan enacted in 2000, but he would like to set bench marks and frequent updates for this plan.

“To make sure that we're staying up with the trends, staying up with the growth. That all the resources the parish has to bear can be applied to the plan we can get the result we're looking for,” explains Tarantino.

He's also requesting a unique approach to accomplishing these projects, prioritizing a group of them every election cycle.

“City council, parish council, can follow the plan in four year increments as we go through and we can allocate the resources in each of those budgets so we can get these projects done,” says Tarantino.

Michael Songy with CSRS, an engineering firm out of Baton Rouge worked the 2000 plan and was hired back on for the one in development.

“The parish is poised for growth if you don't start planning for it, it'll happen not in the way you want it,” says Songy.

Songy's new 12 year plan has a heavy emphasis on economic development specifically along the Highway 90, future I-49 corridor through the parish.

“Once you know that, it makes the decisions on infrastructure such as sewer, transportation much easier so economic development is a logical first step,” explains Songy.

The master plan committee will have time to digest Songy's suggestions.

Their next meeting is set for September 19th.

They also want public input on this plan as all meetings are open to the public.

Doug MacDiarmid

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