LPSS Superintendent’s Special Counsel

A full time legal assistant for the Lafayette Parish School Board and Superintendent was pulled from the agenda Wednesday.

Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper pulled from agenda the job description for that position as well.

One item that remained for the board to vote on is a request to employ a special consulting attorney.

Attorney Wesley Johnson out of Monroe got the job.  The school board agreed that a special counsel to assist the superintendent is needed.

“In the role of attorney for advising the superintendent and staff.  I think it's a matter of semantics,” explained Johnson. School board member Tehmi Chassion had his reservations.

He says why hire someone from Monroe when there are plenty of attorneys here. “We can get it from someone that is highly qualified in Lafayette and keep those tax dollars in Lafayette. It doesnt' make sense to go get someone out of Monroe who is technically out of Texas to come tell us about Louisiana law,” says Chassion.

Dr. Cooper says the legal advisor from the district attorney's office is not always available to him. Plus, he wants to have someone who's not providing advice on legal matters pending now.

“I'm in deep water right now with legal recourse.  I could have somebody I could talk to about staff issues,” says Dr. Cooper.

The prices for her services were not discussed; but Johnson says she has no plans to charge for traveling.

This consulting attorney will not be counseling the school board.

Dr. Cooper says this attorney will not be a salaried employee.  She will be called upon only as needed.  The advisor from the district attorney's office will continue to advise the board.

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