Landry Calls Out Boustany Over Property Tax Ad

(Image 1)

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Republican Rep. Jeff Landry says a TV ad and campaign flyer circulated by his GOP opponent, Rep. Charles Boustany, are falsely claiming that Landry's businesses didn't pay their property taxes on time.

To prove his point, Landry's campaign on Friday circulated letters from the tax offices of the St. Landry and Lafayette parish sheriffs agreeing that the taxes on the properties at issue were paid “in full and in a timely manner.”

But Boustany's campaign manager John Porter said on six different occasions, taxes on real estate owned by Landry's companies were paid in January when they were due on Dec. 31.

Porter couldn't explain why the sheriffs' offices say the taxes were paid on time.

Landry and Boustany are battling for the 3rd Congressional district seat representing southwest Louisiana.

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