Residents Question Parking of Armored Police Truck

Is an armored truck with a surveillance camera enough to deter crime or is it a community eye-sore? One woman showed up at the Lafayette City Parish Council meeting this week and complained that an armored truck being used for just that purpose is more of a problem than a help.

The LCG councilman for the district she's speaking of disagrees. 

The armored truck call called the “Armadillo” was once parked in Gilman Road in Lafayette. The truck large, black and is equipped with surveillance cameras.

Lafayette Police places it on residential streets having problems with crime. One woman who attended an LCG council meeting this week said she had some concerns. She would rather see Lafayette Police out there, rather than an armored truck.

Latoya Peters lives on Gilman. She's heard about the “Armadillo” being parked down the block from her home. The truck is not a problem at least for her.

“I believe it's a help. If it's going to help stop crime it's a help.” But, Peters says her neighbors have expressed concerns about crime in the area.

Rene Allen has more in the corresponding video.

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