Youngsville Sports Complex Update

Building a new sports complex is no easy task and the city of Youngsville still has a long way to go. Construction on the multimillion dollar complex should begin later this year.

It will span 70 acres at the corner of Chemin Metairie Parkway and Savoy Road.  The project comes in two phases, the first phase is the outdoor soccer fields, baseball fields, walking paths and pavilions, the second is the community center.

A 1% sales tax increase in Youngsville has helped pay for the project. But, more money is needed. Officials are seeking the funds  from the state. 

By 2014 phase one of the Youngsville sports complex is expected to be complete, the project is fully funded and construction bids begin Monday, but what about the second phase, the indoor community center and parking lot, funding that project will be more complicated

“We're gonna fund some of it from the one percent sales tax but we applied for a 3 million dollar grant” says Mayor Viator.

Since first applying for the grant money four years ago, Mayor Viator has secured $200,000 from the state in the last Legislative Session. 

The remaining 2.8 million dollars he hopes will be secured next year. It's a risk relying on grant money from the state, but Mayor Viator is confident

“They're investing in Youngsville but they're getting their money back”

He says the community center will generate sales tax dollars, 4% on the dollar goes straight to Baton Rouge, so it's in the states best interest to support phase two.

In 10 years Youngsville's sales tax dollars have increased by 1,000%. The mayor hopes that growth will be recognized.

“There's not many communities that can say that, when we increased tax dollars we increased the money from this area going to the state.”

As for the community, they're just excited for the finished product

“It will be a plus that we have such a complex in our area” Dallas Sonnier.

If Youngsville receives the grant money for phase two next summer. The entire sports complex is estimated to be complete by 2015.

Erin Nicole  

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