LPSO Warns Against Vehicle Burglaries

In just two weeks, there have
been over 100 car burglaries within Lafayette Parish. And local law enforcement
is now asking for the public's help finding who is responsible. Both the
Lafayette Police Department and the Sheriff's Office are working the cases and
say it's an unusually high number.

Since September 13th, there have
been 92 car burglaries within the city and 39 outside the city limits. 
Those numbers are definitely alarming, but authorities say it's all a crime of

“One of the things we say
here is, if you like it, lock it,” said Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette
Sheriff's Office.

And those are words of advice
hundreds of Lafayette residents are now wishing they had followed, after a
string of vehicle break-ins. While this type of crime is not uncommon, the
recent spike in back-to-back break-ins is.

“We will experience car
burglaries at different times of the year each week, but to have that many in a
two week period is extremely large number of car burglaries,” said Corporal
Paul Mouton with the Lafayette Police Department.

Police say they go around at
night checking for unlocked door handles just looking for that lucky break. The
majority of burglaries are at apartment complexes and driveways, tempted by
objects in plain sight. But, that doesn't always stop the curiosity.

“They do take time to
rummage through glove compartments and will look under seats, but they're
really trying to get in there and get out of the vehicle as soon as possible,”
said Mouton.

And that quick act is what is
making it hard to find out who is responsible.

“Often times with these
types of cases, when a person reaches into a car, very little evidence is left
behind,” said Judice. “Whatever they're touching they're taking so it's not
easily linked by finger prints or other physical evidence.”

Judice says they think two or
three groups of people may be involved. And as far as victim's belongings,
there's no guarantee they'll ever recover their things, but police do try to
track down as much as they can. 

“With the information that
the victim gives us and keep all the information on that particular item, we're
able to check pawn shops, second hand dealers things of that nature,” said

Authorities say these burglaries
are occurring between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.  And they're taking mostly electronics
and spare change.

If you think you see any
suspicious activity or anything out of the ordinary, you're urged to call crime
stoppers and 232-TIPS.

Caroline Balchunas


The Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office would like to remind all local citizens to lock their car doors at night, there has been a significant increase in nighttime car burglaries over the past few weeks and the trend appears to be increasing. 


The suspects in most cases are only taking loose items from unlocked vehicle doors and not causing any damages or taking anything from locked vehicles.  All of Lafayette Parish has been affected by these types of crime and trends of this sort have affected citizens throughout Acadiana and the entire region. 

Deputies are asking citizens to double check that their vehicles are locked prior to retiring for the night and to report suspicious persons or vehicle in the late evening hours and early morning hours. 

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