Couret Farms Update

In upper Lafayette, a project similar to Sugar Mill Pond and River Ranch is in phase one of its multi-phase project. Couret Farms is 125 acres of green fields, just southwest of eye 49 and Pont De Mouton Road.

That space will become a mix of shops, businesses and homes. But expect plenty of green space once it's all complete as developers will incorporate multiple ponds and open fields with it. The name Couret Farms is the original name of the property given to it over 100 years ago.

A historic house remains on the property and is being refurbished and incorporated into the development.  One of the Couret Farms developers Robert Daigle says people can expect a lot of homes to be built over the next year as part of phase one. Phase two will then take place which will build the town center.

Daigle hopes to have people moved in by summer of 2013. A ribbon cutting ceremony will happen next month where the master plans will officially be revealed.

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