LCG Considers Trash Can Fines

In Lafayette Parish, proposed changes to solid waste policy by the department of public works could impact your pocketbooks. LCG council members are discussing a possible fine for not removing your garbage container after service.

There's a statute of limitations in Lafayette Parish for leaving out your garbage bin.

“It's a violation of our ordinance to leave it beyond the 24 hours after service” says Councilman Kenneth Boudreaux

What are the consequences if you don't bring it in? Technically LCG could file a civil lawsuit against you but as you can imagine there are none of those filed. That's why some people say there's a problem.

“There was no mechanism to a, enforce our policy and b, punish violators after the fact” says Councilman Boudreaux.

A draft of changes to the solid waste charter was presented to the consolidated council Tuesday night for discussion. Part of the draft, includes imposing a fine of $25.00 for failure to bring in your bin.

The fine would most likely come after a warning was received and the money generated would go back to the department of environmental quality.

Neighbor complaints and calls from the community would be the police force behind the fines, inspectors already in place would be responsible for following up but.

Councilman William Theriot says there have been less than a dozen complaints about trash bins for the entire parish and other means should be explored before changing the ordinance or implementing fines.

“At the end of the day, we're talking about quality of life, appearance and safety” says Kenneth Boudreaux.

Tuesday was the first time the council heard the proposed changes to the ordinance. Details must be first worked out and the council would have to adopt the finalized ordinance before the fine would become law.

Erin Nicole

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