LGMC UMC Partnership

State lawmakers are rallying behind Lafayette General Medical center's push to team up with the LSU Medical System. It's part of an effort to bridge the gap in health care after fresh cuts at UMC.

 LGMC president and CEO David Callecod briefed the Acadiana delegation Thursday. The proposal received the delegation's support. According to a news release it includes managing UMC's in patient facility and ER. While supporting UMC's outpatient clinics along with residency training for LSU med students.

Callecod says LGMC has consultants on hand to help develop a grad study program. On Monday he told News 10 about the need to help future doctors in training.

“There's over 70 residents at UMC currently. 70% of all LSU graduates stay in Louisiana to practice medicine. So it's very important for us to help ensure the future and success of that institution.”

The hospitals revealed their plan to partner up earlier this week. UMC saw 22.4 million dollars cut from its budget.

It's part of larger cuts facing the entire LSU health network, totaling more than 150 million dollars.



Members of the Acadiana Delegation were briefed today by Lafayette General Medical Center President/CEO, David Callecod, on the hospital's Letter of Intent with LSU Medical System to explore a takeover of the clinical management and residency training at University Medical Center in Lafayette.

State Representative Joel Robideaux stated, “We were provided a very detailed briefing on the very grim financial situation as it currently exists at UMC, and the goals which Lafayette General and LSU have. Although a difficult situation, I feel very good about the possible outcomes of this partnership.”

Senator Fred Mills added, “I am very optimistic about the future of indigent care and medical education in Acadiana. Lafayette General has stepped up in a big way to address this financial crisis at UMC. They have a track record of stepping in to aid hospitals in distress, as they did most recently at the hospital in Breaux Bridge. That facility went from being nearly closed to now being a thriving resource for St. Martin Parish.”

Callecod informed members of the delegation about Lafayette General's exploration of a plan to provide management of UMC's in-patient facility and emergency room, as well as provide continued operations of UMC's outpatient clinics, “UMC currently operates the second largest emergency room in the city. It is vital that we find the resources to not only maintain it, but to improve it for the residents of Acadiana,” said Callecod. “A large number of my constituents rely upon University Medical Center. While we are only in the beginning stages of discussion, I was highly encouraged by the briefing provided by Lafayette General Medical Center and their concern and care for the current lives at UMC. I look forward to continued conversation on how we may be able to maintain our current level of services through this potential partnership.” said Representative Vincent Pierre.

Senator Page Cortez commented, “I am very appreciative of the detailed briefing provided by Lafayette General. I have a clear understanding of the significant financial crisis at UMC, and the goals which Lafayette General has to enable access and avoid any gaps in care for the citizens of Acadiana. I fully support the partnership between Lafayette General and LSU. This is a case where “different” will very likely mean “better” in terms of quality and access for our most needy citizens.”

Callecod also mentioned that LGMC has retained consultants to help develop an operational analysis as well as to provide a structure for the graduate medical education program, “We are currently in talks, performing our due diligence to see what discussions need to happen next.  It is the first step in a long process.  With the cooperative spirit shown by the Acadiana Legislative Delegation, the medical community, LSU and DHH, I am confident that we can make this a reality.”





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