SLCC Student Protests

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South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) recently merged with the Acadiana Technical College System (ATC). SLCC acquired seven campuses. But, it's a deal that hasn't set in well for some students. So Thursday they took to the streets to protest outside of SLCC in Lafayette. 

According to some of the protestors, their tuition has increased 100%. Students also say there has been some staffing changes that affect them negatively and their not reaping the benefits that come with being an SLCC student.

They came together Friday with one message; to revoke the merger. 

Starr Gil, C.B Coreil SGA President, says she feels stepped on since the merger. Her tuition went from roughly $700 to $1400 per semester.  Gil says some students were given hardship waivers to cover the increase but not all students were given them. Some who did receive them had them taken back.

Dr. Natalie Harder, Chancellor at SLCC, says ATC students have real concerns and she recognizes them. She says the ATC campuses throughout Acadiana are in need of improvements and will look at how to fix them.

Dr. Harder went on to say, the merger actually helped preserve the technical program. However, protestors feel differently and say they will continue to fight until things are changed.

Rob Mallia


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