Student Teacher Texting Concerns

First it's important to note that the teacher in this case was not charged by the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office following their investigation. So in fairness, we will not use his name. The family of the student, who was fourteen years old at the time of the text messages, requested we not use her name either.

But they are still outraged, both by the teacher's actions and by what they are calling a weak response by the school system. Here's what they had to say.

“She is 14 yrs old and if she was communicating with him as an adult, he should have put an end to it, he responded to everything she wrote” says Cassandra Bradley.

“Don't be making any moves on me LOL…” is just one of pages of text messages between student and teacher at Pine Prairie High School.

The student's mother, Cassandra Bradley actually worked for the school system for six years, and she says the policy against teachers texting students is clear.

“On computer or cell phone it's on paper and each employee signs it. He broke a school board policy and hasn't had consequences.”

The messages were first discovered back in August when the student's father confiscated his daughter's cell phone. He was shocked at what he found, and immediately contacted the school board. He says this was not the first incident between his daughter and her coach

“He called around 9 o'clock at night, I grabbed the phone and it was him, I said don't call, if you have something to tell her about basketball you can talk to her parents” says Jimmy Bradley.

Since filing a complaint with the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office and the school board, The student's parents say nothing has been done to rectify the situation. In their mind a threat remains on campus.

“It's not just the concern of my daughter there are other people's children there.”

“He was the adult, she is a child, they didn't protect my daughter and that is a problem.”

Although the teacher was not charged by the sheriff's office, there is a difference between what is criminally unlawful and an ethics violation and lack of good judgment. An assistant principal at Pine Prairie High School says there is a policy regarding student-teacher communications and that has been addressed with the teacher, who is no longer a coach. He remains a teacher, however, on the same campus as the student.

Erin Nicole

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