New CAO For Iberia Parish

 Iberia Parish President, Errol “Romo´Romero announced that he has submitted his appointment of Ricky L. Verret for the position of Chief Administrative Officer to the Iberia Parish Council for confirmation. Mr. Verret has essential and extensive governmental experience at all levels of government, federal, state, and local, and Romero is convinced he is the right candidate to bring the Administration and Council together in a far better working relationship. In particular his experience with Lafayette City-Parish Government and his legal training will insure that the Administration operates professionally and ethically. Mr. Romero stated, that “I am excited to offer to the people of Iberia Parish such a well-qualified individual who is enthusiastic about the opportunity to help Iberia Parish move forward. Verret is absolutely the best qualified individual available at this critical juncture and is committed to helping to bridge the gap between my Administration and the Council.” The Council will vote on the appointment at a special meeting on Monday, October 29 at 6:00 pm since this position is essential to the smooth operation of Parish Government. The Administration hopes to very soon announce a candidate equally well qualified to fill the position of Finance Director.

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