Double-D Sized Heist

(CBS STORY) A large number of bras have been stolen from a popular lingerie store in Palo, Alto, California.

The angel fantasies push up bra is one of the nicest ones at Victoria's Secret, and thieves stole 180 of them worth $11,000. Employees say it was likely a group of women who came in the store on a busy Halloween day, and emptied the drawers of sizes 32b to 34dd in assorted colors and styles.

It all happened in a matter seconds. The bra is the company's latest design, and they are not cheap. the higher end version cost as much as $82 each.

This is not the first time it's happened. Thieves hit the same store just last Friday and took $7000 worth of bras, again at the front of the store, and made a quick exit.

A company spokesperson, who is normally kept abreast of incidents like this, had not heard of thefts at other stores nationwide.

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