Habitat for Humanity in McComb Veazey

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There are several vacant lots in the McComb Veazey neighborhood in Lafayette that will soon be called home. Several community organization groups have teamed up with current residents there to revitalize the area. Habitat for Humanity is planning to build at least 24 new homes for the neighborhood.

Sunday at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, efforts were in full swing as volunteers worked tirelessly to build the walls of one home. When it is complete, Sandra Joseph and her family will move in. Two years after she submitted her application, finally, a stable and affordable living situation for her children and grandchildren.

St. Barnabas and Habitat for Humanity have partnered under the name Building on Faith, so we can expect even more dreams to come true in the same parking lot of the church.

The revitalization of McComb Veazey is expected to be complete in four to five years.


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