Heart Institute Tour

In a few weeks, the Regional Medical Center of Acadiana will open its doors to a new Heart Institute. The $10 million facility has been under construction since the beginning of this year.

The third floor will be home to the new cardiology department.  Doctors say the operating rooms are much larger and the state-of-the art technology will not only give patients better care, but more options.

“This state of the art technology you see here in the background makes complex procedures much better and (have) improved outcomes,” said Cardiologist Dr. Raghotham Patlola.

And the most unique room is called the “hybrid suite,” which has an array of functions.  In the suite, there's room for both surgeons and cardiologists to work at the same time, something that's not common in most operating rooms.

“This combines both services at the same table to work and fix some very complex problems,” said surgeon Dr. Mitchell Lirtzman.

Lirtzman says cardiovascular disease is on the rise, especially here in Acadiana. The Heart Institute will house multiple operating rooms and its own intensive care unit, which keeps patients from moving around the hospital, which can increase the risk for infection.

“We have been working very hard in treating cardiovascular diseases over the decades and this is just the next logical step,” said Lirtzman.

And the convenience of having the facility in Lafayette is an added bonus.

“With complex procedures we plan on doing, patients from this town and around this town can still get state of the art access here,” said Patlola.

The Heart Institute is slated to open mid-December.

-Caroline Balchunas

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