Military Man home for Thanksgiving

Home for the holidays maybe a catch phrase for some – but for a military family in Broussard it's real. A U.S. Navy officer gets to sit with his family this Thanksgiving. The welcome home will be short lived. Just before Christmas Brian Martin leaves for Bahrain.


“The fact that he's a patriot. He believes in what our country stands for,” says Uncle Adam Mouton, Vietnam Veteran. First Class Petty Officer Brian Martin is given a token of appreciation. The entire family is happy that he's home. “The thing about him I think is that he got to leave. The day before Christmas he ships out,” adds Mouton.


Brian says for him it is back overseas – in a few weeks. In three years, he's served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. To come home is easy – to leave is hard. “It's an empty feeling. You don't know where you're going or if you're coming back. You don't know who you'll see when you get back. You miss a lot when you're gone,” explains Martin.


Gone but not forgotten. The Martin family this Thanksgiving will all sit under one roof. Sons, daughter and grandchildren. “They come back as children. They sit and you have to wait on them. They'll be just as bad as ever. They'll revert back to their childhood,” says Brian's mother.


“It's good. It's a house full everybody does their thing and it's a joyous occasion,” adds Brian's father. Brian has dedicated 19 years of his life to serving our country. A military man and a father too. “I'm very thankful some people didn't make it. Some friends didn't make it, but we're still here.”

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