Fire Destroys Family’s Home

A family in Butte LaRose is homeless tonight after a fire swept through their house destroying everything they owned. Fortunately everyone, including two children, were able to make it out alive. But, now they're in need of some serious help.


“I smelled smoke and when I opened my eyes and I saw the smoke. I was going to the bathroom and I saw the flames coming from the closet in her bedroom,” explains Tabbatha Posthumus.


The Posthumus family says the fire happened Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving. Everyone escaped, but it was a close call. “When I noticed the flames I grabbed her and ran outside the told them the house is on fire,” says Tabbatha.


They also grabbed the 2 month-old and headed for the door. Christopher says he tried to get the fire under control. The heat and smoke was too much. “I tried to put it out. The hose started melting in my hand. There's not much else you can do. It's time to get out,” says Christopher.


“We're just worried about the kids. Clothes for them and make sure they have food, diapers, bottle and more bottles,” adds Tabbatha. The Posthumus family says they've been told that the fire was an electrical fire.


The items needed are baby bottles, diapers and clothes. The little girl wears a four toddlers. The baby boy wears zero to three months. If you would like to help, call the number posted in the story.

Rene Allen

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