LPSS Renovation Projects Approved

The Lafayette Parish School Board finally approved those renovation projects $30 million dollars for six Lafayette Parish schools. Then, a surprise the superintendent agrees to reconsider two recent principal appointments.


The agenda item on personnel changes sparked the debate. The Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper was questioned about filling two vacant principal seats; one at Carencro High and the other at Acadian Middle. School board members wanted to know how he filled those positions without advertising that they were vacant. “I want everyone to know that this is not indicative of the people who were appointed. It's just that policy needs to be followed at all times,” says board member Dr. Tehmi Chassion.


Superintendent Dr. Cooper says the vacancies were declared emergency vacancies. They needed to be filled immediately. “I'm not saying we shouldn't follow policy, but in the best interest of the school district I think that's what you hired me to do is make those kind of decisions.”


Plus, the new policy on bullying was put on display. The state is requiring new guidelines effective January 1, 2013. The board looked it over and found a loop hole. “I hear no consequence for the people who are doing all the bullying. I hear a lot about who is being bullied and what the circumstances are,” says board president Shelton Cobb.


The board was told a safety committee is being formed to deal with the bully. The director of Health and Wellness explains. “To focus not only on the victim but the bully. Find out what were the problems in that instance and addressing the behavior problems as well.”


Finally the board approved the renovation list for six Lafayette Parish schools. The schools approved for renovations are: Youngsville Middle, Green T. Lindon Elementary, David Thibodaux, Lafayette High, L.J. Alleman Middle and Northside High.


“I think this is the first step in many steps that this board will be taking in the future to ensure that we do become an “A” school.”

Rene Allen

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