University of Phoenix Closes

It wasn't that long ago the University of Phoenix in Lafayette opened their doors to students and unfortunately those doors won't be open much longer.

The university has announced a gradual phasing out of that campus along with a hundred and fourteen more nationwide. Students who are currently enrolled are able to finish out their time, but no more new students will be accepted to attend classes at that campus. Layoffs will be minimal here but nationwide almost 800 will be out of work.

A major component to the closure of this Lafayette campus may be another sign of the times. According to university spokesperson Tanya Flynn more students, especially in the hub city, are taking online courses. Flynn says that many students are working parents and the convenience of online classes fit their busy schedules.

The Baton Rouge and New Orleans campuses will not be affected but the campuses in Covington and Shreveport will also close.  Once all current students finish their courses, the Lafayette campus will close their doors for good.  If you have any concerns call 866-992-3302.

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