LCD Public Hearings

About $1.7 million in community development funds are coming available, but first Lafayette Community Development must host a series of public hearings. The first of those public hearings was held this past Monday. Those on hand made it clear they consider affordable housing one of their top concerns.


Patricia Leyendecker is the director of Community Development. Leyendecker says half a million is to help people with low to moderate income. $1.2 million for housing and community development. “We have the public hearings so that the public can have input into what we're doing with the funding.”


Leyendecker says the neighborhood of McComb Veazey is in line to receive help. It's also the community of consolidated councilman Kenneth Boudreaux. The council recently approved an allocation of “$750,000 and that's going to be granted to Habitat for Humanity to build 12 houses in the McComb Veazay area,” explains Leyendecker.


“It's really comprehensive. It's about economics. It's about housing. It's about opportunity. It's about community pride,” adds Boudreaux. Councilman Boudreaux says other homes are needed too, but a bit more upscale. “That people can return back to the neighborhood. Not only do we appreciate what Habitat is doing, but we also hope the private sector will come back and redevelop some of these lands”


“We're going to get the money, but we still have to research what the needs are then make a determination on how that money is going to be used,” says Leyendecker. The next public hearing is scheduled for January 7, 2013 at 5:15pm at The Greenhouse Senior Center, 110 NE Evangeline Thruway.

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