Singing Christmas Tree Lafayette

Friday night kicked off the four day production of Singing Christmas Tree presents Christmas in New York. This year's performance follows the journey of Jeffery Welch, played by Jeff Gonsoulin, who reunites with his long lost father, Antonio Martinez, played by John Frank Reeve, the Minster of Music at First Baptist Lafayette.

Beth Finch who plays Vivian Martinez, says this year's story line delivers two powerful messages.

“First, we have a modern day message of a father meeting his son but at the same time we have people in Central Park telling the true story of Christmas, about God the Father and how he is reaching out to all of us.”

Tim Walker, the Minister of Worship Arts, wrote this year's play, and said another important message being delivered, is one of hope and acceptance.

“We understand as Christians, that people come from different areas of life and different walks of life, and that's what this year's story addresses. We know that there are similar people on a similar search for hope.”

The performance brings together several hundred dancers, singers and crew members, for a two and a half hour production. Over 100,000 lights were used to illuminate a 24-foot tall tree, which serves as a back-drop for the performance.

“We built kind of a mini New York and the center of the story is around Rockefeller Center where the tree lighting happens. It's a really neat show to see so many different people and they are all volunteer,” said Reeve.

An abbreviated performance was seen by over 1500 children on Friday morning. The first full performance starts Friday night at 7pm. Tickets are being sold at the door of First Baptist of Lafayette, before each show. For more information, visit

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