UMC Budget Cut Change

Earlier this year the LSU Health System announced over 22 million dollars in cuts at University Medical Center. Some state lawmakers have even questioned the legality of those cuts. Some believe that the cuts that have been suspended could be a sign of more positive things to come.

Some positive news has come to light for the University Medical Center (UMC). The LSU Health System Board announced they would suspend any planned job cuts. This comes just months after they announced UMC would have to make over 22 million dollars in cuts.173 jobs were on the chopping block and were to be made by January 21st. In total almost 1,500 jobs will not be cut, at least not yet. This announcement comes as no surprise to one elected official. Representative Stephen Ortego says the LSU system has gone back and forth with what they plan to do at UMC and the other charity hospitals. Ortego says he and other law makers have asked the State's General Attorney's office to look into the cuts and see if they were legal. Because according to Ortego you cannot make such deep cuts without legislative approval. UMC hospital administrator Glenn Craig says there is some positive news coming from this announcement. That LSU health system doesn't want to hurt a proposed partnership between UMC and Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC). Craig says that if a partnership were to go through, you can expect LGMC to maintain UMC as it is and even look into expanding services offered to patients. If that partnership were to happen it would be announced later next year. But many people say they have lost all faith in the LSU Health System and say it's only a matter of time before those jobs at UMC are back on the chopping block.

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