Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pets

Holidays are a time to celebrate and cherish time with our loved ones – including our four-legged friends. Don't forget your pets this holiday season! There are plenty of ways your dog or cat can join in on the season's merriment and fun. Here are some great suggestions from Purina's www.petcentric.com.

  1. Spread the “pawliday” cheer.
    Mail a few charming holiday photo cards of your pet. You can order pet photos from a variety of online photo shops. Better yet, include your pet in your own family holiday photo!
  2. Holiday treats aren't just for you!
    You get to indulge in all sorts of goodies during the holidays, so why shouldn't your pets? You can give him his own version of baked shortbread cookies – Beneful Baked Delights Stars.
  3. Deck the halls with “neck-orations.”
    Help your furry friend fit in with the festivities by getting them a new holiday collar or bandana. Fall leaves, turkeys, autumn colors, snowflakes, stars, Santa hats – the possibilities are endless.
  4. Hang a stocking.
    Your pet has a special place in your heart, so it's only fitting they should have a special place on your mantel. Get your feline or canine companion a personalized stocking stuffed with all their favorite treats and toys.
    Etsy has a nice selection.
  5. Create a cozy space.
    Most pets like to curl up in the colder months, so invest in a cuddly new bed or blanket.
  6. Let it snow!
    When the snow starts falling, take Fido out for some cold-weather fun. Since kitties are less likely to venture into the cold, how about challenging them to one of the new
    interactive games for cats from Friskies?
  7. Take a “pawliday” holiday.
    If you're already planning on traveling this winter, take your favorite little fluff ball with you. Find a
    pet-friendly hotel for your holiday away.
  8. Presents under the tree.
    Get your dog a new holiday-themed ball or chew toy and a Santa mouse for your cat.
  9. Donate to a local animal shelter.
    In the spirit of thanks and kindness, donate to a local animal shelter. Many shelters are run off of donations and are in desperate need of monetary funds. Or drop off some old blankets and towels and any extra pet food. You can also donate your time by volunteering to help walk the dogs and play with the kittens.
  10. Play it safe.
    The holidays should be a time of warmth and cheer. Don't ruin that sense of joy with a pet emergency. Holiday plants like poinsettias, holly and mistletoe are poisonous to pets, and the chocolate that shows up in so many yuletide treats should never be left within a pet's reach.

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