Child Left on Bus

One Rayne boy is thankful to be off his school bus after being trapped inside it for a period of time early Wednesday morning.  The Central Rayne kindergartner was left inside the locked bus after the bus driver parked it at the Frog City Casino. Busses are often parked there after their morning shift. The boy's name and the bus drivers name have not been released. 

According to bystanders the boy was banging on the window for help. That's when one woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, stepped in, prying the driver's side window open. She said when he was freed, he latched onto her. She said he was scared and wouldn't say much. She returned him to Central Rayne where the principal notified his parents and the school board.

Acadia Parish School Superintendent John Bourque says they are investigating and do not take this matter lightly. Bourque also said the bus driver is off the job until further notice. As for the boy, he is doing just fine.

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